Be a SpeakChrist Angel: Spread Good, Not Evil


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Are you an angel or a demon? Be a SpeakChrist angel. Always spread good, not evil, and become an answer to someone’s prayers today. Here’s how.

You have received without paying, So give without being paid.

Matthew 10:8b

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Are you a demon or an angel? I want to encourage you today. Be an angel to the people around you. Spread good, not evil. In fact, be a SpeakChrist angel, like me, spreading God’s inspiration and encouragement everywhere.

Read in the Bible, the Book of Tobit. It’s a beautiful story of God’s help and love through His angel.

Here’s how we can spread good, not evil, like God’s angel, today.

The Cry for Help in a Life of Misery

Tobit was a God-fearing, people-loving man. 

He became blind and cannot provide for his family of two, Anna and Tobias, in a tough place and time. 

He was helpless and miserable. So he prayed that God would let him die.

At the same time, in a different faraway place, Sarah was being ridiculed by her servant.

She was a widow 7x over.

Each of her 7 husbands dropped dead on their wedding night even before they got to bed.

Killed by a demon.

She’s heartbroken and miserable. So she prayed that God would allow her to die.

God Heard Their Prayers. God Answered

God heard their prayer and answered. At the same time.

Tobit remembered the money that he left in Rages, Sarah’s city.

He sent Tobias, his son, to go get the money for him.

He hired a man to accompany and guide him. That man happened to be the archangel Raphael disguised as a man, sent by God in answer to his and Sarah’s prayers.

Tobias and Raphael set out on the journey.

Along the way, Tobias caught a fish as instructed by Raphael. Raphael told him the fish can kill a demon and heal the blind.

Raphael also told him about Sarah and how he, Tobias, is her kinsman redeemer. Her closest relative.

As a kinsman redeemer, Tobias has the right and obligation to marry her.

Tobias was afraid.

He had heard of Sarah’s 7 former husbands who died on their wedding night.

He can’t afford to die. He’s an only son.

His parents needed him.

Raphael assured him. “Do not worry about the demon.”

“Sarah was meant to be yours from the beginning of creation.”

“You will rescue her from the demon and she will go with you to your home.”

Tobit began to fall in love with her. 

He looked forward to marrying her.

The Angel Chased the Demon away

They arrived and went to Raguel’s house, Sarah’s father. He is the cousin of Tobit, Tobias’ father.

Tobias asked for Sarah’s hand in marriage.

On their wedding night, as Raphael instructed, he burned the fish’s heart and liver on the incense in their bedroom. 

The smell chased the demon away from Sarah.

Then archangel Raphael captured the demon and bound him hand and foot.

Before they consummated their marriage, Tobias and Sarah prayed for God’s blessing and protection. Then they slept in peace.

After Raphael got the money from Tobias’ father’s friend, Tobias took Sarah home to live with him and his parents. She left with him loaded with her father’s riches.

Sarah got her longed-for God-loving husband.

The Angel Provided Healing

When Tobias arrived home, Tobit and his wife, Anna, were overjoyed with happiness.

Tobias took the fish’s gallbladder and placed it on his father’s eyes, as Raphael instructed him to.

Tobit’s eyes got healed. He regained his sight.

The Angel’s Encouragement and Inspiration 

Raphael revealed himself as the angel sent by God, in answer to their prayers.

Then Raphael called the two men aside and said to them, 

“Praise God and tell everyone about the good things he has done for you, so that they too will honor him and sing his praises. Let everyone know what God has done. Never stop praising him. Don’t be afraid; everything is all right. Always remember to praise God. He wanted me to come and help you; I did not come on my own. So sing God’s praises as long as you live.” Tobit 12:6-20 GNBDK

After this, Raphael disappeared into the sky. 

Tobit and Tobias began to sing hymns of praise, giving thanks for all the mighty deeds God had done while his angel Raphael had been with them.

Key takeaways:

  • God loves you.
  • We can pray and God will always answer
  • Let us give thanks always for what God has done and is doing in our lives.
  • Let everyone know what God has done so that they too may praise Him.

Now Your Turn

Now my question to you: Are you an angel or a demon? 

Do you seek to help, heal, and bless others?

Or are you tormenting others, causing misery in the people around you?

Be a SpeakChrist Angel.

  • Seek to be inspired and encouraged by Jesus, the Word of God daily.
  • Seek to share Christ with the people around you.
  • Seek to inspire and encourage everywhere God sends you.

That’s my mission. To be a SpeakChrist Angel and bless a billion people, sharing inspiration and encouragement in Christ everywhere.

I’m inviting you to be a SpeakChrist Angel too.

Join my newsletter. So you can be inspired and encouraged. Every Sunday, you’ll receive inspiration and encouragement like this.

Share this newsletter. Then you can inspire and encourage others too. 

Let us pray:

Dear Lord,

Thank You for always answering my prayers. Thank You for my guardian angel to help and encourage me along life’s way. Help me to share You with others. Make me your SpeakChrist angel. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


This is it for now. Till next week.

To our health, wealth, and victory — GODSPEED!


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