Stress Buster: Relieve Stress

don't worry scripture

In Jesus’ Name! is a new category of my blog… my personal private conversations with God about stuff in my life. I’ve edited it, though, to protect other people’s identity. The Lord has inspired me to give you a You’ll see how He works with a vessel of clay like me. He can work with You, too, if […]

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The Blessing: Blessed with God’s Favor

blessing scripture

Hi, I’m Tata Velasquez, a HealthWealthVictory advocate and I share tips and resources for living a healthy, wealthy, and victorious life in Christ. Today, I’m going to share with you about The Blessing and how you can live a blessed life with this Divine Favor more powerful than the Law of Attraction. It’s actually the topic of my second book […]

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How to Face Fear, Sorrows, and Temptations in Life

have faith do not be afraid

Hi, I’m TATA VELASQUEZ and I share tips and resources to help you live a healthy, wealthy, and victorious life in Christ. Today I’m going to share about how to face fears, sorrows, and temptations in life with faith in Jesus. Storms of Life Are you facing fears, experiencing sorrows and fighting temptations? I am. Who doesn’t? This week, a […]

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Free Children’s Ebook Teaching Kids how to Obey

Free children's ebook teaching kids how to obey

Free Children’s Ebook My first book, “Obedience: The Story of JONAH, the Man Who Learned Obedience the Hard Way is now free! it’s been almost 3 months since I self-published on Amazon and so far, I haven’t done any promotion on the book. Now I’m making the most of the 5 promotional days allowed by Kindle to give my book […]

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The Holy Spirit: Wind Beneath My Wings

Holy Spirit bible quote

Happy Pentecost, Church! Today we celebrate the day Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be our Companion forever. Whenever I think of the Holy Spirit, I think of Bette Medler’s song: “Wind Beneath My Wings”. This song is the theme from the movie “Beaches”. One of my favorite movies of all time. it’s about 2 best friends who went through […]

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Visualization: Your Blueprint for creating wealth

Visualization bible quote

Can you really create wealth through visualization? Can you really get rich by visualizing yourself rich? I was surfing the net for blogs on wealth for inspiration on a post I want to write on Wealth. I stumbled upon this post by Robert Frank on the blogs from I thought it was pretty interesting so I’d like to share […]

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Preserve Your Heart

heart design

How do you preserve your heart? And why do we need to preserve our hearts? To PRESERVE, according to Webster means : to keep (something) in its original state or in good condition : to keep (something) safe from harm or loss : to prevent from decaying Foolish Beat of My Heart Do you remember Debbie Gibson’s song in the eighties […]

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The Power of Prayer Against All Odds

Qoute on prayer

This week I expereinced again the power of prayer winning against all odds. The Story This is about the case of Mary Jane Veloso, the woman caught with drugs in her suitcase at the Indonesian airport and sentenced to die through a firing squad. She said in her defense that she was just used by her recruiter.. That the suitcase […]

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2 Steps to Starting a Successful Business

Do you dream of starting a business? I do. Have you ever wondered how, where, or what to start? I did. Until I read this passage. The wife of a man from the groups of prophets said to Elisha, “Your servant, my husband, is dead. You know he honored the LORD. But now the man he owes money to is […]

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5 Simple Ways to Wellness

Simple ways to wellness

What is wellness? Webster defines wellness as the state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal. Whatever state of health we are right now, whether we are in perfect health or battling a major disease,we want wellness for ourselves and our loved ones. Here are 5 simple ways to achieve wellness: Live well Eat well Sleep […]

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