DXN Business presentation

DXN Business Presentation


Are you a new DXN member and wants to know what the company and business is all about?

Or did somebody share with you about DXN and you are given this link because you want to know more?

These are video presentations about what DXN is all about and how you can earn big time with this business if you want.

This is a Tagalog presentation for Filipinos in Europe but also can be understood well by Filipinos everywhere.

Tagalog Business Presentation


Business Presentation for those in the US. (English)


Business Presentation for those in Europe (English)


Wherever you are in the 180 countries where DXN holds business, you can do business as well which means when you join DXN as a distributor, you now can have an international business in 180 international markets.

And the DXN system of success remains the same globally: USE, SHARE and BUILD.

Here’s a 5 month business plan that DXN offers for you and your potential earnings:

Use 1,000 Points or PV (P2,500 – 3,000 worth of products) and build 3×3 network (invite and teach 3 new people to invite and teach 3 new people as well) every month for 5 months:

DXN 1000PV diamond plan


Use 3,000 points or PV (P8,000 – 9,000 worth of products e.g. Move one bag of coffee a day for 30 days) and build 3×3 network.

DXN 3,000PV Diamond Plan


This is how we become healthy and wealthy in DXN:

  • Using ganoderma enriched grocery products that we use daily: food supplements, beverages, personal and skin care, as well household care products.
  • Sharing our product, company and business story.
  • Building our network of product users and business builders where DXN pays us to use, share and bring in people who will, in turn, use, share, and build as well.


That’s the vision that our CEO holds for DXN: Promote health, wealth, and happiness:


So do you want to be healthy wealthy, and happy today and for the rest of your life?

Do you want your loved ones to be healthy, wealthy, and happy today and for the rest of their lives?

When do you want to start?

Get back to the person who gave you the link to this page and ask them to help you start.

Let’s build a business and bless God’s people together.


To our health, wealth, and victory, GODSPEED!

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