Free Children’s Ebook Teaching Kids how to Obey

Free children's ebook teaching kids how to obey

Free Children’s Ebook

My first book, “Obedience: The Story of JONAH, the Man Who Learned Obedience the Hard Way is now free!

it’s been almost 3 months since I self-published on Amazon and so far, I haven’t done any promotion on the book.

Now I’m making the most of the 5 promotional days allowed by Kindle to give my book for FREE. And making it a PERMANENTLY FREE BOOK when the promotional days are over.

So far so good.

Thanks to all who have downloaded so far.. my book is now top #1 and #2 in its respective category!

Look… Here it is:

Obedience ebook ranking on Amazon


Wow. Thank You, Lord!

So please continue to help me spread the word.

Let’s put this book in front of as many people as we can.

Why should I download and share this book?

Why? Because this is the Word of God helping parents, guardians and teachers teach kids how to obey..the easy way.. Spending quality time together reading this timeless story of Jonah.

it’s amazing what a single story can do to change a life.. And when that story is the Word of God….? What a lethal combination to shape a life!

I should know… My life was changed by the Word of God.

So can I enlist your help? How, you ask? I’m going to post links on my Facebook author fan page and profile.. Just share it and tag your friends.. The more eyeballs on the book, the better!

How do I download this book?

i have found that not everyone knows how to download a book from Amazon so I’m going to share instructions here:

  1. For those who do not have the Kindle app yet, you need to download the app and open it with your best email.
  2. Click the link to my book page on Amazon on this website
  3. Click the “Buy” button on the Amazon site. It’s FREE
  4. Enjoy reading he book from Kindle app.
  5. Review the book on Amazon

Let’s get to the details..

Download the KINDLE App

For all you Android users, you can get the app from Google Play Store. For all Apple users, you can get it from the App Store. By the way, it’s for FREE. It looks like this:

Kindle App on App Store


Click this link to My Amazon book page

It will bring you directly to my book page on the Amazon site.

Click the Buy button on Amazon

Simply click on the buy button on the Amazon page. Don’t worry..see the $0.00? It means the book is FREE. It looks like this:

Obedience book page on Amazon


Enjoy reading the book on your Kindle app

The book will be immediately downloaded to your Kindle app. Just open your app and read it there.

That’s it.

Review the book on Amazon

Oh one more thing.. Please take time to review the book on Amazon. You can rate it with stars and write an honest review of the book.

If you’re online while reading the book, click on the stars at the very end of the book and just click on the link to my book page to write the review. It looks like this:

leaving reviews on Amazon
Why is rating and leaving your review on Amazon very important?

  • More reviews will boost other people’s confidence to download the book
  • The more reviews, the more Amazon will promote the book which means more people will see it and hopefully, many more will download the book
  • it will definitely help me improve as an author

So please do take time to leave your honest review on Amazon. I will be really grateful.

By the way, since the book is free, I will not be earning any monetary compensation for any downloads of my book.

Why give this book for FREE?

So why am I doing this?

It’s a platform for me to:

  • share the Word of God and His message in an easy, friendly way..through easy to read books like this to as many people as possible around the globe
  • encourage, enrich, and educate God’s people, even kids, towards living healthy, wealthy, and victorious life in Christ..winning over their challenges, spiritually, physically, and financially.

That’s my mission in life. I know I cannot do it alone.

Will you help me?

Oh, one last thing… As a thank you for downloading this book, you get ANOTHER book for free, THE BLESSING, which is currently being sold at $0.99:

Available FOR SALE on these bookstores:

Book logos


You can find the details about THE BLESSING and how to get it FOR FREE when you download this book:

Action steps for victory

  • Download the book. Read it with your kids
  • Share to your friends about the book. share the link and tag your friends on Facebook..share this post by clicking on the sharing buttons below.
  • Rate the book and leave your review on Amazon.

praying hands of a childDearLord, thank You for this book. May you use it to draw more people closer to You, kids and adults alike. Promote this book as You alone can by using us to share this book to as many people as You want. Inspire many people to download and share this book. Amen.


This is it for now. ‘Til next time.

To our Health, Wealth, and Victory, GODSPEED!

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