Helpful Tools & Resources

My dream is to bless at least a billion people, bringing the Good News to the afflicted, inspiring all to pursue their dreams of Health, Wealth, and Victory in Christ.

Here are tools and resources that have helped me along the way to the fulfillment of that dream.

I put them all in here just in case you might want to try them too.

Full disclosure, some of them are affiliate links which will help me earn a few monetary compensations when you use them through my links, but at no extra cost to you.

I will be updating this page from time to time as I come across helpful tools and resources I’d think can help you too.

God bless!

✨How I build my email list:

 Beehiive. It’s the newsletter platform built for growth. Powering the world’s top newsletters · All-in-one solution · Created by the same team that built and scaled Morning Brew to millions of subscribers. It’s where my newsletter SpeakChist Lovenote, is built on. 

Check it out for FREE today using my affiliate link at no cost to you.


✨Leaders are learners.

I love to read books. Love to read like me? Get your books on Amazon Kindle. I do.


✨ If you want to learn but want to listen more than read

Try Audible Premium Plus + get 2 audiobooks for FREE.


✨If you want to give the gift of learning

Give Audible Gift memberships


✨If you like to watch movies and listen to ad-free music like me

Try Amazon Prime for FREE


✨If you are thinking of starting a business

Check out creating an Amazon business account for FREE.


✨How I analyze my videos:

I use TubeBuddy It’s FREE. 🙂 It’s such a great help when you want to start a YouTube channel.


✨How I create my images

Check out Canva. You can use it for FREE. I use the Canva PRO, though and pay a minimal fee, cause it has so many helpful features not accessible to the FREE offering 🙂


✨How I started my business on Etsy

Get 40 FREE listings on Etsy It’s a good starting point. After your 40 listings FREE you need to pay $0.20 for every listing every 4 months. Great deal, right?


✨How I started my Print on Demand business on TeePublic

Be a TeePublic Designer like me. It’s FREE to join and to list.


✨How I started my Print on Demand business on Zazzle

I like Zazzle because they give you the ability to create customizable personalized designs for merchandise. Be a Zazzle designer like me. It’s FREE to sell on Zazzle. Just click here and then click on the SELL ON ZAZZLE button to start.


✨How I ask generous guys like you to support me 😆

For content creators like me, any support and help are really appreciated. I use Buy Me a Coffee (Pizza I like too!) for this. If you’re also a content creator like me, try this tool. It’s FREE. Click here.


If you still haven’t gotten my FREE gift to help you live healthy, wealthy, and victorious in Christ, Be a SpeakChristAngel and join our newsletter, SpeakChrist Lovenote, so you can be inspired and encouraged, and in turn, help share in my mission to bring inspiration and encouragement everywhere. I’ll send you the HealthWealthVictory Pack for FREE. 

This is it for now. Till next time.

To our health, wealth, and victory – GODSPEED!

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