How to Harness and Harvest Abundance by Revelation

Are you experiencing lack and struggle in your finances? Do you, like me, feel like you’re drowning in debts and bill payments? Get a revelation of how to harness and harvest the abundance God has in store for you. Here’s how.

Reading 1, First Corinthians 2:10-16

10 to us, though, God has given revelation through the Spirit, for the Spirit explores the depths of everything, even the depths of God. 

11 After all, is there anyone who knows the qualities of anyone except his own spirit, within him; and in the same way, nobody knows the qualities of God except the Spirit of God. 

12 Now, the Spirit we have received is not the spirit of the world but God's own Spirit, so that we may understand the lavish gifts God has given us. 

13 And these are what we speak of, not in the terms learnt from human philosophy, but in terms learnt from the Spirit, fitting spiritual language to spiritual things. 

14 The natural person has no room for the gifts of God's Spirit; to him they are folly; he cannot recognise them, because their value can be assessed only in the Spirit. 

15 The spiritual person, on the other hand, can assess the value of everything, and that person's value cannot be assessed by anybody else. 

16 For: who has ever known the mind of the Lord? Who has ever been his adviser? But we are those who have the mind of Christ.

Revelation of Wealth and Abundance in God’s Kingdom

I was about to ask God for revelation of where I can better spend my limited time to get the maximum results for growing our business and His Kingdom. 

But this 1st reading tells me I already have it by the Holy Spirit You have given me.

I just have to learn to listen to Him and obey every little instruction that He gives.

While walking today, I was looking at the wide expanse of the sea before me and the wide expanse of the heavens above and I felt You speaking: 

The Beautiful seaside boardwalk of Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines where I walk with the Lord daily. Credit: Tata Velasquez
The Beautiful seaside boardwalk of Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines where I walk with the Lord daily. Credit: Tata Velasquez

All this you see?

This is the abundance I have for you. Everything in the sea is yours for free. Everything in the ground is yours for free. Everything in the air is yours for free. You just have to learn how to harness the abundance that is all there for you.

How to Harness and Harvest Kingdom Wealth and Abundance

See that person fishing? Whatever fish he gets, it’s his for FREE. But he had to get the rod and spend time and effort to fish. You can be like that person, fishing with a rod and getting one or a few fish, or you can be someone who uses a fishing boat with bigger nets to get a net-breaking catch.

The bigger means you have for harnessing, the bigger your harvest. 

But for you who are in the Kingdom, you have a better deal. I will make it happen for you. I will be your source for everything you need and even want: the means for harnessing and the harvest for your taking.


Listen for and obey the revelation of My Spirit within you. 


Just remain in Me and let My Words remain in you. Remember John 15:7?

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you. John 15:7 NABRE

Live by it.

From now on, never ask for your needs. My servant, Jesse Duplantis is right. It’s a waste of spiritual energy. I know what You need before You ask me. I always provide for the needs of my children.

I want you to ask for what you wish. Your heart’s desire. Make it as big as is deserving of Me. Remember how wide the sea is or how high the heavens are? I’m so much more!

Don’t insult Me by asking for small things. Although it’s my pleasure to give you that too. Remember my servant Oral Roberts? Small thinking bores Me.

Ask of Me something so big, everyone will know I alone have made it possible for you to receive it.

I want My glory shown on the earth and in your world. I want to use you to display my power, my riches, and my glory.

Will you let me use you? Partner with Me and I will show you great and wonderful things you know nothing about. Remember what I told you before when you just started to believe Me: 

Stick with Me and I’ll bring you places. Everything you want to be, do, and have.

Our city sea wall at dusk. Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines Credit: Tata Velasquez

Treasure in Earthen Vessel

Ok, Lord.

From now on, I’m Your earthen vessel. Fill me and use me for whatever You want, however you want to use me.

If you want me just to display Your glory, I will stay still with You and let You show off.

If you want to fill me to the brim and to be used to pour your blessings so others can enjoy Your Blessing too, here I am. Ready to be filled. Empty me out and use me as You please.

If you want to break me so You can reshape me for whatever purpose You want, feel free to do so.

From now on, I will cease striving. I will be just an earthen vessel in Your household. To do as You please.

But we hold this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing power may be of God and not from us. Everything indeed is for you, so that the grace bestowed in abundance on more and more people may cause the thanksgiving to overflow for the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 4:7‭, ‬15 NABRE

But what about my debts and bills, Lord?

Trust Me. Stop relying on borrowing from anyone. I will provide for you at the right time with the amount you need to pay off your debts and live in abundance. Bills and Debts are part of your needs, right? And what did I say about asking for your needs? Don’t.

I allowed you to have a credit card not for personal borrowing but for investing in business and sowing in My work.

This is the start of you becoming a lender and never a borrower.

Now Your Turn

Are you experiencing lack and struggle in your finances? Do you, like me, feel like you’re drowning in debts and bill payments?

God has abundance and wealth in store for you.

Learn to seek Him for a revelation of the wealth and abundance He has prepared for you.

Learn to surrender and partner with God.

Learn to just let God show off in your life.

Be an earthen vessel. When you allow God to just do with you as He pleases, you will see God show off His glory in your life, blessing you, and blessing many others around you.

healthwealthvictory tips
  • Learn to seek God’s revelation about the wealth and abundance He has for you
  • Learn to surrender and partner with God.
  • Learn to just let God show off in your life.
praying hands of a child

Dear Lord,

Give me a revelation of the wealth and abundance You have prepared for me. I  surrender to You and allow You to do with me as You please. Show off Your glory in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen


This is it for now. Till next time.

To our health, wealth, and victory – GODSPEED!

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