How to Talk to Kids about God

How to talk to kids about God

Do you ever wonder how to talk to kids about God?

I’m not yet a parent but I know for a fact that sometimes those questions about God can just come at you out of the blue from these little people.

i should know, I was caught in this kind of situation just very recently.

Let me share with you the story.

Can God really be my Friend?

“Is this for real, ate?”

My 12 yr old friend asked me after she read my newest book for kids, “Friendship with God: The Story of Noah, the Friend of God (Teaching Kids Life Lessons with Stories from the Blble Series Book 2: Teaching Kids How to be a Friend of God”

“What, the ark?” I asked back, thinking of the Ark that Noah built in the story of the book she had just read.

I was racking my brain for any historical proof that I may have read somewhere that the ark was real.

“No. I meant friendship with God. Can God really be my friend?” she asked, looking at me with utter seriousness.

How to talk to Kids about God

I was floored.

I wasn’t expecting this question from a 12 yr old.

Although, I think I should have.. I wrote this book for 3-12 yr old kids, for heaven’s sake.

This book was meant to answer that question. “Can God really be my friend?”

“Yes. It’s true. God has been my friend since I was in College.” I shared, silently thanking God for this opportunity to testify for Him.

It’s been a while I get to share about Him to anyone.

“But does He really speak to us?” my little friend asked further.

“Yes, He does…”

“How do you know?

“Do you have friends you always talk on the phone with?”



“Oh. My mother.”

“Did you notice how because you often talk to her, you immediately recognize her voice as soon as you answer her call? She never has to introduce herself, right?


“Well, it’s like that with God. The more you spend time with Him in prayer… The more you pray.. The more you easily recognize His voice.”


The story of St. Francis

“Do you know St Francis?”, I continued.


“St. Francis really had this close relationship with God. One day, he was walking with his brothers towards a place of mission they don’t know where yet. Then they came upon a cross road…”

“What’s a cross road”? she interjected.

“It’s an intersection where you either turn right or left. Or straight. So they came upon it and his brothers asked where to go this time? St Francis prayed to God to guide them, blindfolded one of his brothers, asked him to turn around and point his finger. Where he pointed, there they went and had a very successful mission where they got to share the love of God.”



My own story

“One of my experiences in hearing God was in college. I was in class but I didn’t want to listen to my teacher that time. So I looked for a book I could read instead. All I had that time was a bible, which we were required to bring to class. When I opened my bible, my eyes fell on the book of Proverbs.. On the verse that said, ‘Listen to your teacher and learn all you can.’ Haha. Can you believe that?”

“So that’s some of the ways God speaks to us… Through circumstances..through people. But most of all, through the Bible. Do you have a bible?”

“No. How thick is a bible?”

“Thick. Depends on the version. Did you like the story of Noah?”


“There are a lot more stories like that in the Bible.. Stories that will bring you close to God.” I said. The I continued,

“There is an electronic bible app you can download, you know?” I showed her the app on my iPad.

“I don’t have a smart phone,” she said.

“You have a computer, right? You can download it there.”

“Ok. Do you have other stories, ate?”

“Well, I’m planning to write a new one. Have you heard of Solomon and how God gave him wisdom?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, that’s a topic for another book… “

So I shared to my little friend how my new book will tell of Solomon, the wisdom that God gave him., and how he used it to help others. She liked it. So much she volunteered to draw the illustrations for the upcoming book saying proudly she got best award in drawing.

“Oh but I don’t have the budget to pay you.”

“I’ll do it for the Lord”, she beamed with pride.

I guess my new book project will be a joint venture.


Your Turn

Do you want discussions like this with your kids on life lessons you want to teach them?

Download my book and read it with your kids.

Friendship with God

Who knows what God will allow to happen?

It happened to me. It can happen to you with your kids.


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So how to talk to kids about God?

  • Be sincere. Take your kids and their questions about God seriously
  • Use stories from books and from your own life


How to talk to kids about God



praying hands of a child
Dear Lord, thank You for being my friend. Help me talk to kids about You so they too can be Your friends.




How do you talk to your kids about God?


“This is it for now. ‘Til next time.

To our Health, Wealth & Victory, GODSPEED!

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How to talk to kids about God

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