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Steps how to join DXN

My name is Anna Lovella Velasquez and I will be your DXN sponsor. That means I will mentor you and will help you build this business, also with the help of my sponsors. Yes, this is your own business but you will not be alone.

Let’s start, shall we?
1. Click here to REGISTER FOR FREE.

2. Fill out the form with your complete datas.

3. Agree to the Declaration

4. Click on- New Register – at the bottom.

5. Send me an email at [email protected] so I can welcome you properly into the team and send you more information or start your training right away.

It is FREE to register as a member of DXN.

Upon completion of the new distributor registration, you will be given a member code to make product purchase at the nearest branch or service center. The member code can be used to sponsor new distributor as well.

When your monthly purchase in any single country reached the minimum required sales, you will earn E-point in that particular month.

In order to redeem the earned point(s), new distributors are required to purchases Starter kit from any Brach/Service Center and register the kit code into the system.

Registered distributor without any transaction for the first 12 months will be removed from the system.

Summary on how to join DXN

Register for free. Take note of your member code number.

Purchase any product at the nearest DXN Branch/Service Center using your member code number within the first 12 months to avoid expiration.

Invite your friends and enroll them for free using your member code number.

Every purchase transaction will earn you E-points. To convert that to cash, you need to redeem your points by purchasing a Registration kit, one time only, to make your registration official.

And hey, don’t forget to email me at [email protected], ok?

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Let’s build a business and bless God’s people together!

To our health, wealth, and victory, Godspeed!

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