Life Teachings for Nations and Generations to Come

Life Teachings for Nations and Generations to come Isaiah 42:1-7 featured image

Did you know you are called to teach nations and generations after you? Yes, you are. God can use your daily experiences and learnings as life teachings for nations and generations to come.

Isaiah 42:1‭-‬7 GNBDK 

1 “Here is my servant, whom I strengthen — the one I have chosen, with whom I am pleased. I have filled him with my Spirit, and he will bring justice to every nation. 

2 He does not cry out or raise his voice, his voice is not heard in the street;

3 He will not break off a bent reed or put out a flickering lamp. He will bring lasting justice to all. 

4 He will not lose hope or courage; he will establish justice on the earth. Distant lands eagerly wait for his teaching.”

5 God created the heavens and stretched them out; he fashioned the earth and all that lives there; he gave life and breath to all its people. And now the LORD God says to his servant,

6 “I, the LORD, have called you and given you power to see that justice is done on earth. Through you I will make a covenant with all peoples; through you I will bring light to the nations. 

7 You will open the eyes of the blind and set free those who sit in dark prisons.

Life teachings for the nations 

When I gave my life to Jesus, the Lord started giving me promises about being the light to the nations, about foreigners rebuilding my walls, about being the prophet to the nations. 

I thought maybe it’s because I wanted to go and live abroad but God thwarted my plans and so He’s trying to compensate. Just kidding. 

Anyway, I began thinking globally while working locally. 

I joined a network marketing business, DXN, that has branches in many several countries in the world. Also because I fell in love with their Ganoderma coffee that I can drink as many as I want in a day, even at night, and doesn’t give me the jitters as normal coffee do. 

I even made a business plan for a possible medical tourism company for foreigners wanting to have affordable yet comprehensive executive health checkups and cardiac rehabilitation while enjoying a beautiful vacation in our beautiful tropical island of Cebu. I wanted to create and establish it while I was working at the hospital. I never pursued it though.

And then the Lord inspired me to start this blog in 2015 and I began to see how it’s possible for God to help me reach nations.

Even though I didn’t have many readers (I still don’t actually, haha. It’s because  I just started posting on here consistently starting last February 2022), I saw from Google analytics that the readers come from different parts of the world.

I’m amazed that I can have that wide a reach and have the potential to really impact the world with the wisdom and teachings that God is teaching me.

I now see God’s wisdom in instructing me to focus on my blog and start posting daily. It’s because He wants me to share what He’s teaching me with the world! 

He gave me encouragement so I can encourage the nations with the same wisdom He’s giving me. He wants me to share His teachings for the nations and not keep them to myself.

His wisdom, His good news to the afflicted, His teachings for the nations – through me! 

What a privilege to be called to partake in this business of sharing God’s teachings for the nations – and for that matter, generations to come.

Life Teachings for Nations and Generations to come Isaiah 42:1-7 featured image

Life teachings for generations to come

Ever since God opened my eyes to the concept of the Family Bank, I’ve been really digging into it, reading, binging on videos, wanting to glean more insights on how to use the Family Bank to build, keep, and pass on wealth for generations after generations.

I learned that not only the Rockefellers family are doing this, but also the Rothschilds family and the Chinese and basically every wealthy ultra-rich Family and corporation that ever existed!

I also learned that not only is the wealth passed on for generations but also the philosophies, the values, and the mission of the family as envisioned by the Family elders.

It’s basically passing on the wisdom and teachings for generations to come.

I saw this clearly and confirmed it to be true when I heard the interview of Ariana Rockefeller, a 6th generation Rockefeller family trust beneficiary. 

She was asked what values did she get from her elder John D Rockefeller, the Senior, who started it all for them. She said the value of saving – that a dollar saved is a dollar earned, the value of hard work, enjoyment of life, and giving back. 

She added that she’s still taking note of every dollar that she receives and spends as she had been taught to do from when she was young.

I’ve just seen the video from the History channel on the story of the Rockefellers and I’m amazed that it’s really the wisdom and values of the Rockefeller senior, teachings passed on and lived by his descendants, generations after him.

Garrett Gunderson, from whom I first learned the concept of the family Bank, said he and his wife made a 38-page document that is included in the statement of purpose in the Trust agreements!

Yesterday, I was thinking of how I could do the same.

Maybe I could use a Google doc I could write on every day and pass on when the time comes.

Maybe I could write a book that I will publish that contains bite-sized daily readings for wisdom and inspiration.

And then when I was about to write today, I suddenly realized, my blog could be that living document, that wisdom vault, that repository of teachings for generations to come!

I could just add a provision in the statement of purpose to be executed by the Trustee for the blog to be kept and maintained even after I’m gone. And then I’ll ask each of the family members to read and select an article, reflect, apply it in their lives, and share how they applied it in every Family Retreat, making it an annual or monthly tradition.

This way, I can not only share God’s wisdom but the rest of the family members can share their wisdom and experience regarding the matter and easily pass it on to the generations after us.

Daily Record of God’s Goodness

And that book I mentioned earlier that will contain bite-sized daily readings for wisdom and inspiration? 

That just came to me as I was writing it and I really think now that it’s a great idea: “HealthWealthVictory Tips for Generations, Year 1: Bite-sized Godly Inspirations and Encouragement for living a healthy, wealthy, and victorious life in Christ.” 

I will take the articles on the blog for each whole year and publish them in a book (ebook, paperback, and audio), 1 volume per year.

This way, I will have more avenues to inspire, encourage and teach nations and generations: in the blog, on YouTube, with a book – digital, paperback, and audio.

Wow. Thank You, Lord, for this inspiration. I never would have thought this on my own!

I remember a book once that I read titled “The Diaries of Anne Frank.” It’s a published diary containing the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank written while they were in hiding from the Germans in a small secret room in a house.

It’s really just a diary of her thoughts and record of her daily experiences and what she’s learning from them. She used this activity, writing in her journal, to pass away the time and have an outlet for her emotions and thoughts.

She and her family, who were hiding with her, were eventually captured by the Germans and they were each taken to a concentration camp where she finally died, so young.

You think her life was wasted? God will never waste a life, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

She probably never thought her diary would see the light of day. 

But through God’s providence, I believe, somebody found her diary, read it, and published it. 

Now generations after, people like me from different parts of the world, are able to read it and be blessed!

Now Your turn 

Are you displeased, unhappy, and burdened with whatever you’re going through right now?

Don’t despise these daily experiences, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are. 

Your experiences no matter what they are: happy or sad, boring or challenging, traumatic or inspiring – they are valuable.

God can use them as inspiration, encouragement, and teachings to learn from. 

God can and will use them to teach you and generations after you.

Find a way you can record them so you can pass them on to generations after you when the time comes. 

Your legacy of teachings for the nations and generations to come.

You can write in a journal like me, you can blog, or vlog, or write a book, a memoir.

Whatever you choose to do, know that God will use your experiences as life teachings for the nations and generations to come, if you allow Him to.

healthwealthvictory tips
  • Learn from all your daily experiences
  • Make a record of all your experiences and lessons recording it in a journal, a blog, a vlog, a song, a letter, an audio recording – whatever the Lord inspires you to do.
  • Share your experiences and learnings. God can use these as life teachings for nations and generations to come.
praying hands of a child

Dear Lord,

I offer to You my life. Use my experiences and learnings as life teachings for nations and generations to come. In Jesus’ Name. Amen


This is it for now. Till next time.

To our health, wealth, and victory – GODSPEED!

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