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Are you a Christian struggling with your lovelife and sexuality? Here’s a simple truth that God wants you to know and always remember.

Gospel, Mark 10:1-121 

After leaving there, he came into the territory of Judaea and Transjordan. And again crowds gathered round him, and again he taught them, as his custom was. 

2 Some Pharisees approached him and asked, 'Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?' They were putting him to the test. 

3 He answered them, 'What did Moses command you?'

4 They replied, 'Moses allowed us to draw up a writ of dismissal in cases of divorce.' 

5 Then Jesus said to them, 'It was because you were so hard hearted that he wrote this commandment for you.

6 But from the beginning of creation he made them male and female.

7 This is why a man leaves his father and mother,

8 and the two become one flesh. They are no longer two, therefore, but one flesh.

9 So then, what God has united, human beings must not divide.' 

I would have preferred not to write about my love life and sexuality, thank you very much. 

But the Lord wanted me to write about it so here goes.

God made them male and female

The priest in his homily talked about God being very clear when it comes to marriage and sexual relationships: He made them male and female.

He said looking into biology, man is always made to give, his body is created to give, with a protruding male organ.

The woman, on the other hand, is made to receive, with a female organ that’s made to receive and contain. 

When both man and woman come together, they become one.

Which is what God intended from the very beginning, 

And this union, made out of love for one another, results in that love creating a life, procreation.

The priest said, if you have any complaints about it, go to God. Complain to Him.

My love life and sexuality

Romantically, I have no love life at the moment. Nope 

I’m single and available.

Maybe the reason, why God hasn’t given me anyone yet is because, for a long time, I have not been sure what I would prefer as a lifemate.

When I was younger, I was 100% sure I wanted a man in my life as everyone else does.

Over love life and sexuality featured image

My mid-life crisis

But now that I’m in my mid-life, and being exposed to the different sexual preferences people have and what is accepted in our society now,  I began thinking differently.

I think I’m bisexual, using today’s terms. I like both men and women, with a leaning toward women.

At first, I struggled with this knowledge. Because I want to follow the Lord and let’s accept it, the Christian community, especially Catholics are not really that accepting of that kind of lifestyle. 

Then I rebelled in a way, I stopped going to daily mass with plenty of excuses. It’s early at 5 am and it’s too dark to go out, etc. I stopped spending time in prayer daily too.

But I never stopped referring to Him in my daily life, or talking to Him throughout the day as my friend.

God is Father

And then, I just realized one thing: God is Father, first and foremost, not a judge. And a merciful Father at that. 

My father, no matter how imperfect he was, was accepting of our faults and imperfections, our life choices that he may not agree with.

Of course, he may be sad about it, may not talk to us for a while, but he was still a father to us. 

How much more is God, as a Father?

I realized, no matter what I do, He will still be a Father to me and I will always be His daughter.

Look at David. I think adultery and murder are graver sins than homosexuality or any other sexuality that’s not heterosexual, for that matter. 

But God still loved him, forgave him, and even called him “a man after His own heart.” 

Loving God above love life and sexuality

Also, I found this verse about everyone becoming single in heaven.

Jesus answered them, “How wrong you are! It is because you don't know the Scriptures or God's power. For when the dead rise to life, they will be like the angels in heaven and will not marry. Matthew 22:29‭-‬30 GNBDK

No matter if I marry here on earth or not, we will all still be single in heaven.

That freed me up not to agitate about my non-existent love life.

So I made a decision: I choose to love God above all. I surrender to Him my love life and my sexuality. 

If He wants me to marry here on earth, then He will choose the person for me and He will make it happen.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, God will choose for me as He sees fit.

That’s why I never go out of my way hoping to meet someone.

My family always say that I would never find someone to marry because I don’t have a social life, always staying at home.

I will always retort that if God wants me to marry, God will bring someone to our house for me to meet.

My focus is to follow Him and to guard my heart.

My longtime prayer has been for God to let me know I’ve met the right person for me by letting my heart beat hard for that person as a clear sign. Kinda like heart palpitations so I will not miss it.

So that’s that. That’s all there is to it when it comes to my love life and sexuality

That’s how God helped me deal with the struggle of a zero love life and different sexual preference.

Now your turn.

Are you loving God above all, no matter what’s going on with your love life and sexuality? 

One thing remains: God is your Father and you are a child of God.

Love Him above all else as He loves you. Love Him more than yourself.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful Responsorial psalm: 

Psalms 103:1-2, 3-4, 8-9, 11-12 

1 [Of David] Bless Yahweh, my soul, from the depths of my being, his holy name; 

2 bless Yahweh, my soul, never forget all his acts of kindness. 

3 He forgives all your offences, cures all your diseases, 

4 he redeems your life from the abyss, crowns you with faithful love and tenderness; 

8 Yahweh is tenderness and pity, slow to anger and rich in faithful love; 

9 his indignation does not last for ever, nor his resentment remain for all time; 

11 As the height of heaven above earth, so strong is his faithful love for those who fear him. 

12 As the distance of east from west, so far from us does he put our faults

In the matter of our love life and sexuality: God will always love you, no matter what.

God’s love will always win.


healthwealthvictory tips

  • Remember that God is a Father Who loves you dearly
  • Love God above your love life, sexuality, and everything you are.
  • Surrender to God your love life, sexuality, and everything you are.


praying hands of a child

Dear Lord,

Thank You that You are a Father to me who loves me no matter what. I surrender to You my love life and my sexuality. Do in me what You must, in order to do through me what You will. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



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This is it for now. Till next time.

To our health, wealth, and victory – GODSPEED!

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