Why I choose DXN

Why I choose DXN

My life vision is to be God’s source and symbol of blessing..that through me, God will bless all families of the earth.

Hi, my name is Anna Lovella Velasquez, Tata to all who know me.

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I’m a nurse by profession but I consider it as my vocation as a child of God.. an avenue for me to earn my living while helping others.

I remember in college,when asked to write my definition of the Nursing Profession, I defined it as “dreaming the dreams of others before dreaming my own”. I think, unconsciously, that became my guiding philosophy in life.

In everything I do, my desire is always to bless others.. To help better their life, even in small ways, just by having met me. I always like to share whatever good I come across with..especially when I know it can help improve others.

DXN is one such blessing that I do love to share.

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I’ve always had allergies especially to dust. I would start sneezing and have runny nose.

One time, I felt so much pain in my ear.. When I had it checked it was because it was so filled with mucus from a severe cold I had then. I was prescribed decongestants and antibiotics.

I got better but then I developed rashes in my arms and legs which got so itchy especially when I eat chicken or egg. In my sleep, I would scratch my arms so hard, my skin broke.

I went back to my doctor who told me I have allergies. And the cough and colds I had were likely caused by allergies too. So, I need to take antihistamines for life so as to prevent and protect me from having allergies.

I never like taking medicines. I’d rather suffer physically than take medicines. Ironic for a nurse, huh?

That’s when I remembered DXN people saying how effective RGGL, DXN’s main products as detoxifier and balancer,  respectively, are against allergies.


Up until then, I never touched the supplements. I’ve been with DXN 7 yrs but I’ve just been taking the Lingzhi coffee, my favorite coffee.

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Being a nurse, I was really cautious about taking herbal supplements. Maybe that’s what kept me from actively sharing DXN to others.

But compared to taking medicines for life, I decided it’s time to put RGGL to the test. So instead of antihistamines for life, I chose the herbal way. I took RGGL.1 pair a day.

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Amazingly, after one month my rashes were gone. After another 2 months, I can eat chicken or eggs, without the itchiness, as much as I want, as often as I want.

Now I’m taking RGGL and Spirulina, DXN’s veggie pill, daily.

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Now I’m healthier

Now I’m bolder and more passionate in sharing DXN products.


I came upon DXN because I was looking for a business that I can do part time and with little capital.

I decided not to work abroad because I don’t want to be separated from my family. On a deeper level, I want to be a testimony that God can bless His children anywhere. No matter the circumstances where they are.

But I must admit a nurse’s salary here in the Philippines is only enough for one. And that was why I was looking.

Because I have dreams.

I dream of earning so much because I want to have more than I need for myself and an abundance to give to my loved ones and to others.

I dream of creating a foundation funded by 90% of my income while still living well off with 10%. I want to call it TakeHeart! Foundation dedicated to Christian missions, Heart health,  Business development, Scholarships, and Acts of mercy -all meant to encourage God’s people to win in life. I call it my 9010 vision.

I dream of sponsoring family vacations,  all expenses paid by me.

I dream of being free from an 8-4 job so I have more time to go to missions anytime and anywhere I’m called to go, time to study music, hang out with family and friends, wake up when I’m done sleeping, run, swim, bike.

I dream of becoming a millionaire and help many people become millionaires.

Then I stumbled upon DXN and heard this message from their CEO:

With DXN, I found my vehicle to make those dreams a reality, not a quick-rich scheme but a working plan to act upon and run towards the fulfillment of my life vision.

With DXN, I made a small financial investment with a potentially great and unlimited return.

With DXN, now I have an international business.. my grocery expense became my only capital investment and monthly overhead..

With DXN, now I can help others become healthy and I can help them become wealthy.

With God, through me, using DXN, all families of the earth will be blessed.

If you are like me who have dreams, and you are looking for a way to make them come true, I’m offering you DXN as a vehicle.

If you have not yet done so, click here to find out how you can start your own business and earn 200k a month, and start making your dreams come true.

Or if you want to start right away, you can join DXN with me as your partner and I will help you build your business with the rest of my mentors as well.

Click here to check how to join DXN and to register for free.

Let’s build a business and bless God’s people together.

To our health, wealth, and victory, GODSPEED!

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