Why Network Marketing

Why Network Marketing?


So you are looking to start a business. Like me. May I invite you to check out Network Marketing, then?

Why would I invite you to join a Network Marketing business?

First, let me share with you what Network Marketing is.


What is network marketing?



Let’s say you watch a movie..you like it, so you tell your friends about it. Then your friends tell their friends who tell their friends. And the word spreads.. the movie becomes a blockbuster.

You’re not selling the movie, you’re just sharing about it, right?

What if the movie company pays you to share to your friends?

Now that’s network marketing.


A Personal Franchise


You are familiar with the franchise business system, right?

You buy a franchise and pay the royalties, you get the rights to operate the business system and in turn the mother company helps you with business support in how to operate their business. This way, you have plenty of chances for success, even without much experience, since you are already operating a business that is proven to work and is profitable.

Well, you need hundreds of thousands to millions of money to buy a franchise system. Take McDonalds for example.. You need over 20 million or something just to start.

But most of us don’t have millions or even thousands for capital. We may only be able to afford a thousand or a little more.

So here’s the blessing of Network Marketing.

A network marketing business is a personal franchise where instead of buying the business system and the rights to operate the business, you buy a membership into the network marketing company business.

You get 3 benefits for joining:

  • You get discounted members’ prices for products that you enjoy.
  •  Also, since these network marketing companies don’t pay for advertising the traditional way, through TV and radio endorsements, they pay you to share their products to your family, friends, and acquaintances, your personal network. You buy at discounted members’  prices, you can sell these products at customers’ prices. You earn retail profit.
  • When you connect your personal network of family, friends, and acquaintances to the network marketing company, help them become members too, you get referral commissions

And you pay only a few hundreds or thousands for membership and monthly required purchases.


So, Why network marketing?



Network marketing is a legitimate business system that allows ordinary people, like you and me, to be able to start our own business with in the company, by building our own network marketing organization ( of product users and business builders) where products can be shared and bought at discounted members’ prices, earning referral commissions in the process.

There are several reasons why people want to start a network marketing business.

Here are the most common:

  • You can start with little capital
  • you can do it part-time or full time
  • you can earn extra income or develop a full time, residual income
  • no employees
  • financial freedom
  • More free time
  • help people

I remember wanting to start a business because I want to help people earn. When I have a business, I can help people earn income while earning income myself.. an unlimited income potential.

With network marketing I found I can do that. I can help people earn by starting a business, not just by becoming employees.

I can help people help themselves.

That conviction was deepened and solidified when I read a book from Robert Kiyosaki entitled “The Business School for people who want to help people”

Do you want to start a business?


If your WHY Is great enough, the how will follow.

Start a business.

You can start your own from scratch.. You can buy a franchise. Or you can start a network marketing business.

If you do choose to start a network marketing business, I’d like you to check out my business opportunity.

I’d be happy to have you on board.

Click here and see how you can start your own business and earn 200k a month.

Let’s start a business and bless God’s people together.


To our Health, Wealth, and Victory, GODSPEED!

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